Do you live in or near Los Angeles? Wanna get away in winter 2017/2018 but not sure where to go?

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Now is a great time to book a trip. Thanks to low fuel costs, soaring profits for airlines, and the continuing expansion of low-cost airlines, airfares remain relatively low. Plus, if you book your ticket soon, you could save yourself even more money.

Experts generally recommend buying your flight about two months before departure to secure the lowest price. However, it often works in your favor to book many months in advance. (If you know your destination and when you want to go, check out this tool on, which tells you how to score the lowest price for your origin and destination.)

It will also work in your favor, cost-wise, of flying in and out of L.A. LAX is a major hub, and is often significantly cheaper to fly in and out of than Orange County’s John Wayne (SNA) Airport or San Diego.

We’ve done the research and found some great roundtrip deals from LAX for this upcoming winter (2017/2018). But try to book these as soon as possible; the prices are bound to go up!

  1. Barcelona, Spain
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    Barcelona is usually one of the cheapest European destinations to fly to. A week- or two-week-long trip in the middle of January can cost you as little as $400 roundtrip. Check Norwegian Air and British Airways.

  3. London, England
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    London is calling and if you book soon it’s only as low $350 to fly there and back. Norwegian Air seems to offer the cheapest flights for this route during this time period, followed by British Airways.

  5. Bogotá, Colombia
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    Colombia is coming up, and you should go before it gets even more popular! If you’re looking to get away in late January, you can fly from LAX to Bogotá for as little as $465 on Interjet and $483 on American Airlines.

  7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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    January is dry season in Ho Chi Minh, making it a great time to go. And, the flight for a two-week trip in Vietnam in early- to mid-January will only set you back around $550 on China Airlines.

  9. Cebu, Philippines
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    If you’re dreaming of palm trees and turquoise water, you can fly to Cebu for around $550 on Taiwanese airline Eva Air. Note that you might have a long layover in Taipei on some of these flights, but for that price it may be worth it!

  11. Rome, Italy
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    Si, è vero! You can get to Rome for around $416 in early- to mid-January on British Airways. That’s cheaper than flying to Jacksonville, Florida. And no offense to Jacksonville but if you had $416 to spend, chances are you’d probably choose Rome.

  13. Cancún, Mexico
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    Cancun is a beautiful destination it itself, but it’s also the gateway to some lesser known (but stunning) spots including Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox, Puerto Morelos, and Akumal. It’s also an easy getaway: Cancun is only a five-hour flight from LAX, and if you go in the middle of January, you can get there and back for as little as $270 on Delta.

  15. Vancouver, Canada
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    Vancouver is a gem; it has a ton of natural beauty, walkable neighborhoods, and fantastic food. You can fly there in mid-December for around $240 on United Airlines and for the same price in mid-January on Air Canada.

  17. Managua, Nicaragua
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    Looking to spend New Year’s surrounded by beaches and jungles? It’ll cost you about $530 to fly to Managua, Nicaragua in late December. Check Copa Airlines for some good deals.

  19. Bangkok, Thailand
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    Spectacular temples; postcard-worthy beaches; and awesome, affordable food and accommodation: if you haven’t been to Thailand, you should absolutely put it on your list. You can get to Bangkok for as little as $572 in late January on China Airlines.

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