‘Tis that time of year when we start decorating our homes for the holidays, and Christmas lights are an integral part of the routine. While Christmas lights look great on Christmas trees and wrapped around balcony railings, there are actually dozens of creative and easy ways to decorate with lights. And you don’t have to take the lights down after the holidays are over; some of these decorations can be enjoyed year-round!

Ready to make your home sparkle? Here are 10 fun ways to decorate with Christmas lights.

  1. An even brighter chandelier
  2. brighter chandelierImage Courtesy of Heather Hawkins Photography via Wedding Chicks

    Not sufficiently dazzled by your chandelier? Wrap a strand of lights around it along with some ornaments if you’d like. You’ll have the brightest, most festive chandelier in all the land.

  3. Wall of lights
  4. Wall of lightsImage Courtesy of toovia.com

    Turn a plain wall into a work of art by making a Christmas tree shape (or other shape) out of lights on the wall. Then hang some simple ornaments from your “tree.” This DIY tree looks especially good against dark backgrounds. If you have a chalkboard wall, even better: you can trace a Christmas tree line to add more dimension and assist you in hanging in the lights.

  5. A festive way to display holiday cards
  6. Wall of lightsImage Courtesy of Cicatrixx

    Instead of simply putting the holiday cards you’ve received on a shelf, make a creative display on the wall using a string of lights. Use clothespins to attach the cards to the string—just make sure the cards aren’t too close to the lights and only keep the display on when you’re home.

  7. Make that mirror shine
  8. Shiny mirrorImage Courtesy of restorationhardware.com

    Wrap a string or two of lights around a large mirror; this creates a glittery effect that makes your mirror look like a portal to a fairy wonderland, and who doesn’t want that in their house?

  9. Tripod tree
  10. Tripod treeImage Courtesy of ulsanonline.com

    For photography nerds or those without a tree, a tripod makes a fun substitute. Simply wrap Christmas lights around the tripod and carefully hang some ornaments from the cord. Boom! Instant modern Christmas tree.

  11. Ladder tree
  12. Tripod treeImage Courtesy of designismine

    No tripod on hand? You can do the same thing with a ladder, and you can decorate each rung with candles or presents too.

  13. Container of lights
  14. Container of lightsImage Courtesy of currystrumpet.blogspot.com

    Find a glass container of some kind, such as a large bowl or vase, and stick a string of lights inside. You can also add ornaments to the container to make the display even more fun. It’s best to use battery-operated lights for this one.

  15. Spell it out
  16. Container of lightsImage Courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com

    Find a big, open space on a wall (a large corkboard would work too) and spell out a word using a string of lights. This will require at least a dozen nails or pins.

  17. Made your bicycle glow
  18. Glowy bicycleImage Courtesy of blog.beaumontenterprise.com

    How cool is this idea?! You can either decorate a bicycle and park it somewhere for guests to admire, or you can take that baby for a spin and bring cheer to everyone you encounter. You’ll need zip ties and portable LED lights.

  19. Twinkling baskets
  20. Twinkling basketsImage Courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com

    Baskets are already a great holiday decoration, but you can make them extra festive with lights. Fill baskets with strings of lights and use them as décor for tables and shelves, or hang illuminated baskets indoors or outdoors.

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