Need travel inspiration? Want to live vicariously through someone else—some lucky soul with crazy camera skills? Hop on Instagram and follow these incredible travel photographers.

  • Chris Burkard | @chrisburkard
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    From stunning vistas in Iceland to surfing in the Arctic, Burkard takes breathtaking outdoor adventure shots. His photos have earned him over two million Instagram followers, and you should be one of them, too.

  • Passion Passport | @passionpassport
  • Passion Passport is a platform for explorers, creators, and storytellers to connect and share their travel stories. With almost 800,000 followers, their Instagram account offers a collection of beautiful photographs from world travelers, as well as frequent photo contests.

  • Carin Olsson | @parisinfourmonths
  • Originally from Sweden, Olsson moved to Paris with the intention of staying for four months (hence her username) but ended up staying permanently. She takes gorgeous shots of the city, her daily life, and her travels.

  • Jacintha Verdegaal | @urbanpixxels
  • Verdegaal is a Dutch travel blogger based in London; her subjects include pretty little cafés and restaurants, street life, food, and her travels.

  • Murad Osmann | @muradosmann
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    Those “follow me to” photos that became so popular? That’s Murad Osmann, who “follows” his wife to stunning locations around the world.

  • Christian McLeod | @christianmcld
  • Based in Vancouver and California, McLeod takes shots of beautiful outdoor and underwater scenes.

  • Allan Edward Hinton | @chaiwalla
  • Ever dreamed of quitting your job and traveling the world? Hinton did just that, and three years later he’s still going strong—and sharing gorgeous shots of buildings, people, street scenes, and everything in between.

  • Johnny Ward | @onestep4ward
  • Irish travel blogger Johnny Ward has been to 194 out of 197 countries. Follow his travels, many of which are with his adorable mother.

  • Nicola Easterby | @polkadotpassport
  • Aussie travel photographer and blogger Nicola Easterby takes some seriously awesome pictures—both behind and in front of the camera.

  • Brooke Saward | @worldwanderlust
  • Saward writes about travel, blogging, décor, and food and shares beautiful photos of her travels.

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