You probably never had to be convinced to take a vacation – that is of course if you are not a workaholic. Everybody loves vacations and you most probably also tend to look at them as fun rewards for all the hard work you did throughout the year.

But many do not truly understand the extent to which a vacation benefits their overall wellbeing. For those still unsure of whether to spend money on a vacation, just think about this: you probably either spend your money on a nice holiday or doctor appointments. It doesn’t sound like a hard choice to make when you put it that way, does it?

Keeping yourself in great shape and good health is essential for you, your personal life, and your productivity levels. So if you ever need to come up with some great reasons your boss should give you those days off for a vacation, then these are the ones:

1. You Will Become More Relaxed

There is nothing as harmful to your health and productivity as stress. Not being able to disconnect from work and to press the reset button can play a toll on your mind and body.

Regardless of whether coming back from vacation might just bring you back to the same old reality, the mere fact that you disconnect is of great help. One unexpected benefit of going on vacation is that it not only reduces stress but this effect lasts way beyond the vacation itself. Studies show it can last for even up to five weeks, which simply sounds like a great investment.

2. You Will Sleep Better

With sleep being such a huge contemporary health issue, anything that brings clear improvements to this has got be a winner.

Vacations mean disconnecting from your busy, stressful life, which implies more time for sleep. Going on vacations does not only means having time to sleep more but also resting better and more profoundly. It is one of the main reasons why energy levels just seem to kick in when we get a nice vacation – at least after a couple of days of restoring sleep.

The best part about this is that it also impacts you even after you’ve returned to the office. Since your body gets used to the new sleeping patterns, you will be able to carry out the restorative qualities of a vacation sleep even after you come home.

3. Mental and Emotional Health Reboot

It’s not only your body that needs the pampering, but also your mental health. That means you will have a sharper thinking and a clearer, more stable emotional state. You can easily translate that into more productivity, better relationships with people in your life. A stronger mental and emotional health can help you make healthier choices overall and keep you away from addictive or harmful behaviors such as binging or smoking etc.

4. Longer Life Expectancy

It might sound just incredible, but making sure you take some time off can play a part in you living a longer, healthier, stronger life. Not only does it teach you that it is truly important to look after yourself and treat yourself with love and care, but it also directly impacts your health.

Disconnecting from that stressful day to day routine and giving your system a chance to start over clean means cutting yourself off from stress related illnesses. Your heart will be very thankful for that seaside walk, and your brain will love you for that good night sleep. A stronger health only means a longer, happier life, away from cardiovascular diseases.

5. Stronger Immune System and Metabolism

It’s downright simple: being happy and relaxed simply transforms us. By giving yourself some time off, your immunity and your body’s metabolism will greatly benefit from the system reboot.

The more you allow stress into your life, the more susceptible you are to getting colds or allergies throughout the year. But if you make sure to take some days off periodically to just disconnect and treat yourself to something nice, you will keep those germs away and your immunity strong. So if you know yourself to be sensitive to weather changes then maybe you should consider fighting that off by going on a short vacation.

If you’ve been putting off your vacation until now, think again. Take some time off from your busy schedule to recharge your mind and your body. You will return to work more relaxed, more productive and happier than ever before.

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