Making a beautiful flower arrangement involves a lot more than just sticking some flowers in a vase; to make a visually-pleasing arrangement, you have to think about things like flower grouping and height, preparing the stems, and prolonging the life of your little living friends.

Fortunately, there are some very easy tricks you can use to create a pretty and unique flower arrangement. Read on to find out more.

  1. Make a tape grid
  2. Make a tape gridPhoto Credit:

    Have you ever wondered how some flower arrangements just seem to defy gravity? When you’re placing flowers in a bowl or vase with a wide mouth, they tend to fall to the side and bunch together because, well, physics.

    No need to get frustrated, brave flower arranger; there are ways to prevent this. Grab cellophane tape (or any tape you have lying around) and form a grid across the opening. Make sure the spaces are small enough that they will prop the flowers up and separate the stems from each other. The tape that is visible at the rim will be covered up by flowers. And be sure to put water in the container first; it’s a little hard to do it with the tape in place.

  3. Remove leaves from the stems that will be in the water
  4. Remove leaves from the stems that will be in the waterPhoto Credit: Jonathan Fong for

    Remove any foliage from the stems that will be in the water. Leaves that are left below the surface will become soggy and form bacteria, and no one wants that.

  5. Cut the stems diagonally
  6. Cut the stems diagonallyPhoto Credit: Jonathan Fong for

    Making a diagonal cut creates more surface area for the water to travel up the stem (science!). It’s best to use sharp floral shears (which can be found in most craft stores); household scissors can crush the stems. Cut the stems under running water or in a container of water to prevent air from going into the stems; the air will block water absorption.

  7. Group the same kind of flowers together
  8. Group the same kind of flowers togetherPhoto Credit: Jonathan Fong for

    When it comes to flower positioning, most people mix all the types of flowers together. Why? Beats us.

    For a professional-looking arrangement, however, one of the best things you can do is group the same type of flower together. If you’re using a tape grid, assign sections to each flower type and place each type of flower in its respective section.

  9. Keep flowers around the perimeter shorter
  10. Keep flowers around the perimeter shorterPhoto Credit:

    The flowers around the outside of the vase should be shorter to cover the rim, while the flowers in the middle should be taller. Not only does this conceal the rim, but it creates a dome shape that hides the stems. Of course, if you like stems (and no shame if you do), then keep the outside flowers taller.

  11. Hide your stems
  12. Hide your stemsPhoto Credit: Jonathan Fong for

    For a unique look, wrap large flat leaves, like aspidistra (a common house plant), around the inside of a glass container. Not only does this look cool, it conceals any floral foam you’re using. Don’t be afraid to use faux leaves (#fauxleavesarethenewfreshleaves).

  13. Try an arrangement of a single type of flower
  14. Try an arrangement of a single type of flowerPhoto Credit:

    While mixing up your flowers looks great, making an arrangement with just one type of flower can make a big impact. Do you want to look cool and artsy? Do this.

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