Best Rooftop Bars in San Francisco

Enjoy San Francisco from above. Here are some of the city’s coolest rooftop bars. 1. Dirty Habit SOMA Photo credit: @dirtyhabitsf / Instagram Swanky restaurant and bar Dirty Habit is nestled within the Hotel Zelos in San Francisco’s SOMA District. While there are both indoor and outdoor seating areas, the back patio is really where [...]

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Martin Chitwood: San Diego in 48 Hours

With its perfect weather, gorgeous beaches, and increasingly hip food and drink scene, Martin Chitwood proclaims San Diego is indeed “America’s Finest City.” While 48 hours is not enough time to see all that this coastal city has to offer, you can still catch some of the San Diego’s best sights and partake in some [...]

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This Magical Japanese Home is Retirement Goals

Designed for two women, this enchanting complex in Shizuoka, Japan may be one of the coolest retirement homes in the world Located in Japan’s rural and mountainous Shizuoka Prefecture is Jikka, a beautiful multi-home structure built for two women in their 60s. Jikka was designed by Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma. Constructed with concrete and timber, [...]

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7 Luxury Bathhouses in the U.S.

In this hectic world of ours, there are fewer enjoyable activities than soaking in a hot tub, relaxing in a sauna, or just simply unplugging from the outside world for a couple hours. And while the world today may be more stressful than it used to be, soaking and sweating is not a modern invention. [...]

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Make Your Luggage Stand Out – With Your Face

Personalize your luggage AND spread joy The airport can be a stressful place for travelers: we’re stripped of power, we’re confused and in a rush, and we have to fork over $12 just for a mediocre sandwich. And then there are our bags. Not only do you have to lug around a suitcase full of [...]

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7 Hip, Affordable Hotels in Mexico City

Bursting with cultural attractions and culinary delights, Mexico City is wooing an increasing number of travelers every year. There is something for everyone in “DF,” as the city is commonly referred to by locals: a variety of unique neighborhoods, ancient pyramids and ruins, over 150 museums (only Paris has more within the city), and food-wise, [...]

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Seoul’s Coolest Coffee Shops

If you’ve spent any time in Korea, you know coffee culture here runs deep. Coffee was first introduced to Korea in the late 1800s, but it became especially popular after the Korean war, when American soldiers introduced instant coffee. For decades, brewed coffee took a backseat to instant coffee, but things are changing; in the [...]

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5 Things to Do in Geneva in the Winter

For those of us northern-hemisphere-dwellers, summer is just getting started, but for serious travel planners (and cold weather lovers) it’s not too early to start planning a winter getaway. And there are few countries more picturesque in the winter than Switzerland, a country largely known for its natural beauty. If you only have a few [...]

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3 Sizzling Days in Miami

One of the most vibrant cities in the U.S., Miami bursts with culture and spice. While you can certainly find the glitz and revelry of the 80s and 90s here, the city has become a thriving artistic and cultural center with a strong community of artists, designers, musicians, and chefs. Whether you come for its [...]

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A Tour of Copenhagen’s Circus Scene

Filled with cobbled streets, colorful townhouses, fantastic restaurants and cafés, and plenty of hygge—which generally translates to coziness—Copenhagen is one of the best destinations in Scandinavia and Europe as a whole. The city is consistently ranked as the happiest city in the world, and it’s not hard to understand why. Copenhagen also happens to be [...]

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