Spain’s Best Game of Thrones Filming Locations

Winter is coming (sorry, we had to). Or rather, winter is pretty much upon us. But don’t let the cold weather prevent you from making a pilgrimage to some of Game of Thrones’ coolest filming locations. This iconic HBO series has been filmed in some incredible places around the world, including Northern Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, [...]

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The Best Destinations for a Bachelorette Party in California

You or one of your best friends has gotten engaged, huh? You know what that means: it’s bachelorette party time! If you’re planning on having the party in California, you’ve got lots of options, from the wineries of Napa Valley to the lively desert oasis of Palm Springs. So, grab your suitcases and penis straws, [...]

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5 Reasons to Visit Paros, Greece

You’ve probably heard of Mykonos and Santorini, two dazzling Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. These islands tend to get the most attention—and for good reason; they’re breathtaking and offer some of the world’s best photo ops. But Santorini and Mykonos are definitely not your only choices when it comes to Greek islands. Greece has [...]

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How to Take the Perfect Travel Selfie

Not all selfies are created equal, especially not all travel selfies. Not only do you want to look good, but you also probably want to show the background too. Here are five tips to help you get that perfect selfie while traveling! Bring a travel-sized tripod Traveling alone? Want to show more foreground or background [...]

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Weirdest Holidays in the World

This Christmas, chances are you’re not planning on punching your neighbor (although you may fantasize about it), throwing soybeans at your sister, or fighting over sacred sticks while wearing nothing but a loincloth. However, in some parts of the world this is precisely how people celebrate holidays. We know; life isn’t fair. While you may [...]

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7 Tips for Visiting Antelope Canyon, Arizona

With its twisting sandstone walls bathed in shadows and orange light, Arizona’s Antelope Canyon is one of the most mystical places in the southwestern U.S., if not the entire country. The canyon is an especially magical place for photographers: its blend of light, forms, and textures creates stunning images. As a testament to its visual [...]

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Flying On A Private Jet

I'm one of the lucky few that gets to fly private a lot.  In 2016, I flew private more than I did commercial.  I won't get into how I do it, but I'm not an international man of mischief either.  For some people however, flying on a jet is a mystery.  You see the Kardashians [...]

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Things to do in London – 24 Hours in the City

Looking for things to do in London? Buckingham Palace is boring, The Tower of London? People get hung there!  You want the best spots that the locals hang out in.  Most of it revolves around food and drink, but hey, when in London! This article will give you the best 24 hours in London, as [...]

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You Have 48 Hours In Northern California…Let The Bucket List Begin

What is better than a weekend getaway? Quite arguably, if you have kids, a career, and a ton of stress, nothing. Sometimes it is difficult to pack a whole lot of fun into 48 hours, but not when it comes to destinations like Northern California. If you are looking for the best place to make [...]

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Quick Trip: 24 Hours in Denver

Looking for things to do in Denver?  The "Mile High City" went from Gold Rush to Industrial/Trucker City, to Tech Flagship all while still keeping that Granola charm we love.  So much has changed If you want to ensure that your 24 hours are worth every minute here is a day in the life as told by [...]

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