Personalize your luggage AND spread joy

The airport can be a stressful place for travelers: we’re stripped of power, we’re confused and in a rush, and we have to fork over $12 just for a mediocre sandwich.

And then there are our bags. Not only do you have to lug around a suitcase full of your possessions, but you have to make sure you don’t lose your bag or run off with someone else’s—which happens more than you might think. After all, the baggage claim area can look like a sea of dark-colored, plain, rectangular suitcases.

Of course, there are ways to make your bag stand out from the crowd. You can buy a brightly-colored suitcase, or tie something on to the handle, or wrap zebra-patterned duct tape around the handles like my father did (disco bag FTW).

But there’s an even better way to personalize your bag: cover it with your giant face.

Photo credit: Firebox

Firebox, a London-based online retailer, sells what they call the “Head Case,” a personalized cover for your suitcase.

Sure, a little green ribbon may distinguish your black bag from the 37 others on the baggage carousel, but why spend any more time than you have to eyeing the bags? Your bag will now eye YOU.

Not only will you be able to spot your bag immediately, but you will bring happiness (and/or fear) to hundreds of others who will see your bag. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

As customer Sarah said in October 2017, “Nothing will please my Father more than seeing his stupid face roaming around the conveyor belt at 4 in the morning on return from Spain.”

Photo credit: Firebox

The Head Case comes in three sizes—small (cases 45-56cm tall), medium (cases 64-76cm tall), and large (cases 76-81cm tall). They’re made from “durable polyester spandex,” which stretches over your bag, and the covers have a series of openings for bag handles.

When purchasing, simply upload a high-quality image on their site and they will print that mug on both sides of the cover.

Bon voyage!

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