Most of us enjoy a cocktail and a dip in a hot tub—bears included, apparently.

Starting his or her July 4th celebration a little early, a bear decided to relax in an Altadena, California man’s Jacuzzi.

Resident Mark Hough had just sat down to enjoy a Friday afternoon margarita when he heard some noises. At first, he thought the rustling sounds were his next door neighbor, but then the noises got louder and he went to investigate.

Hough walked over to the bushes “and lo and behold there’s a bear climbing up over my fence,” he said Monday.

Deciding his life was more important than his cocktail hour, Hough retreated inside, but he later discovered the bear “bobbling away in the Jacuzzi enjoying himself.”

Hough took a video of the bear casually slipping into the hot tub and lazing in the unheated water—with the jets on, of course, to soothe his or her aching muscles.

The bear later wandered around Hough’s backyard before knocking over the margarita Hough left behind, which it then lapped up.

Later that day Hough was talking to a neighbor about the incident when he spotted the bear napping in a nearby tree. Again—all of us.

Bear sightings in Southern California are not rare, but this might be the most badass bear to grace the region with its presence.

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