This may be one of the few times dogs are encouraged to get up on furniture.

The Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter in Galesburg, Illinois just wanted to make its furry residents feel more comfortable.

They put out a plea on social media and ended up fetching much more than they had expected.

You could say it’s all thanks to a dog named Buster Brown. Buster was adopted as a puppy but after his human parents got divorced, he found himself back at the Knox County Humane Society. This didn’t seem to bother Buster—Erin Buckmaster, the volunteer executive director for KCHS, said “he loves it at the shelter.”

But there was one thing Buster didn’t love: his kennel.

Like any sensible canine, Buster preferred hanging out with the staff in the front office, except his favorite spot wasn’t the floor; it was on a chair—sometimes squished right up against one of the staff members.

Photo credit: Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter

As Buster is a very good boy, the KCHS staff wanted him to be comfortable, but there weren’t any large chairs to accommodate him. So, the staff went out and scored him his own chair: a big, red chair, courtesy of Mechanical Service Inc., a local plumbing and heating company that was giving away some of its old office furniture.

Photo credit: Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter
Buster immediately fell in love with his chair, which got the staff thinking about the other dogs. “Buster was so comfortable; we thought they all needed one,” said Buckmaster.

They put the word out, and the community came through—big time.

Usually housing around 50 dogs and 50 cats at one time, the shelter now has 22 chairs for the dogs that are up for adoption. These old chairs would otherwise have been thrown out; now they are now providing dogs with some much-needed coziness. (Check out this video of a few of the dogs enjoying their chairs!)

The chairs are especially welcome for the residents of KCHS, which, as a no-kill shelter, can sometimes house dogs for a long time.

In addition to the chairs, the pups have a big yard; a “real life room,” where pets can get used to a home-like environment; and they even get special treats—a local McDonald’s donates leftover hamburgers to the shelter (does it get much better?).

Buckmaster has been surprised but thrilled about the attention the dogs and their chairs have received. “We never dreamed it would take off like this,” she said, adding “I really just wanted the dogs to feel more comfortable while staying at the shelter.”

Photo credit: Knox County Humane Society No Kill Animal Shelter
The story has prompted other shelters to reach out to Knox County Humane Society, telling them they are inspired and hoping to get chairs for their pets, as well. Buckmaster wishes “every dog in every shelter is going to get a chair.”

What’s more, people have also been contacting the shelter and saying they want to come in and adopt.

So, what began as a simple effort to make the shelter’s pets a little more comfortable might just help these lucky animals find their forever home—and maybe even a plush piece of furniture of their very own!

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