What is better than a weekend getaway? Quite arguably, if you have kids, a career, and a ton of stress, nothing. Sometimes it is difficult to pack a whole lot of fun into 48 hours, but not when it comes to destinations like Northern California. If you are looking for the best place to make the most of a 48-hour deadline while crossing adventures off of your bucket list, Northern California has it all. Choose one of these excellent Northern California destinations and let the clock begin.

San Francisco

The fun of San Francisco is all liberal. From the beautiful nighttime skyline to fantastic beaches, there is no shortage of fun to re energize yourself. Ranked as one of the best cities in the world, this “City by the Bay” has something for all tastes. Whether you are a museum buff, a foodie, or you enjoy tourist attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco is a city that never stops moving, both day and night.

To see it from end to end, rent a bike and pedal across the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Then head off to the Garden Gate Park to get a glimpse of the cultural side of the city. Finally, end your excursion by bellying up to the bar at one of the awesome eateries that Fisherman’s Wharf has to offer.

If you are traveling to reconnect with your mate, there is truly nothing more romantic than feeling on top of the world. Watch some Jazz, be catapulted back in time, and have a bird’s eye view of everything you survey, on the Top of the Mark. If 48 hours is all you have, in San Francisco you will spend them wisely!

Yosemite National State Park

A national state park may not sound like a bucket list way to spend a weekend, but the Yosemite National Park is absolutely spectacular and like nowhere else on earth. From cascading waterfalls to stupendous hikes through unbeaten paths, Yosemite is a place when fantasy takes over, and the real world gets lost in the shuffle.

On the list of the most amazing waterfalls of anywhere on earth, you can finally find your paradise lost. No crowded conference rooms, or busy city streets, when you arrive at Yosemite, your survival skills and need to reconnect with nature, come front and center.

Lake Tahoe

If you think the only place to find sky blue water is in the Caribbean, think again. Lake Tahoe touts one of the most fantastical clear blue waterways and majestic mountain peaks. Whether you have 48 hours in the spring, summer, winter or fall, there is no shortage of nature to be found and enjoyed.

If skiing is your love, then you will have no problem finding the diamond without the rough. From mountain zip lines to gondola to tube runs, everyone on the mountain shows up anonymous and leaves a friend. A small community with grandiose entertainment and accommodations, it is a destination that will cater to the young, old and outdoor enthusiasts, at heart.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

If you feel like you are going to burst in your cubicle doing the 9 to 5 dance, there is no need. The Lassen Volcanic National Park will be your catalyst for explosion. From boiling springs to mud pots, you can rewind your soul and your skin, taking in the fountain of youth from all around. If hiking is what you desire, you can make your way around the entire surface of the volcano.

If it sounds scary, it is, and it isn’t. The volcanic activity is closely monitored to ensure vacationer’s safety, while giving maximum amazement. To make your way around the volcano, it only takes three miles of hiking, but there is plenty to look at and adventure to be found. The best part of Lassen Volcanic National Park is that it doesn’t have to be more than a stop on your road to the best time ever. A short drive from everything Northern California has to offer, it is just one miraculous pause along your 48-hour way.

If you only had 48 hours left on earth how would you spend them? Well the good news that you probably have plenty of years to grow old and cross things off of your bucket list, but why not go for it while you still have the energy to do it all? Choose any one of these fantastic Northern California destinations and have the time of your life, literally.


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